reviews: is it reliable or a just a scam?

Founded a decade ago, Treated is one of the leading names in the field of online pharmacies. It offers its customers the convenience of ordering their pharmaceutical needs completely online and in the comfort of their homes. is a great one-stop shop where you can also get online consultation and prescription from a licensed physician. This makes it easier, convenient, discreet, and most importantly safe for you.

So how does Treated actually work? How can you find a drug and place an order? What are the means of payment? How does the online consultation work? Are the doctors registered and licensed in your country? Is this a reliable and secure website? What do old and continuing patrons think of its service and the medicine they sell? You are probably wondering about all of these. Don’t worry we got your back and all of these questions will be answered in this article! is a simple and secure online way to get treatments in united kingdom

How to buy medicine on

The interface of Treated is very simple and intuitive. Navigation on the site is easy. Finding the medicine you need, ordering it, and paying for it is also simple and quick.

Find the drug you want

Finding a drug is really simple with Treated and previous customers completely agree with this as well, based on the reviews they leave about Finding the drug you need can be done in two different ways You can either fill out a search form with the name of the treatment or browse through all categories on the site.

Find treatment in Treated by typing your condition or medicineSearching through the categories is easy you just need to simply go to the home page. At the bottom of the page, you will find all the categories that the available drugs fall under. From here just select the category that interests you. Several medications will be offered to simplify your approach even more.

Once you have found the medication you need, take the time to read all the information on the page. For each medication, you will find a complete description, tips for use, side effects and questions and answers.

This is a great feature of Treated. It doesn’t just allow you to find and order the drug that you want precisely to avoid any mistakes but it also makes sure that you are fully informed about the drug. This allows you to check if it is adapted to your pathology and that there are no adverse side effects that could happen.

Completing the medical survey

Once you have found the right medication, you will need to complete a medical questionnaire. This questionnaire allows the physician to have complete information about you and your medical history since they would need this in making a decision of whether or not to validate your purchase and when needed to prescribe your medicine. All the doctors on are licensed and registered under the order of the British doctors.

4 steps how to order on

This questionnaire is free, easy and quick to fill out and allows the doctor to make sure that the medicine does not pose any risk to your health.

Completing the medical questionnaire is not to be taken lightly and must be done seriously. You must specify if you have allergies, other treatments that you take and the type of lifestyle you have.

With the right information, the doctor can prescribe not only the most suitable medicine but also a treatment that will not have adverse effects on your health. With Treated, it’s very simple to give all this information so you should make sure that you are always giving accurate information.

Order and delivery

Once Treated’s doctor has validated your request, the pharmacy will prepare your order. It will then be taken cared of by Treated’s partner carrier. As a rule, the order is prepared the same day so that you receive it in one working day at your home.

Throughout the ordering and delivery process, you will receive email alerts with the tracking number of your package so that you are aware of the progress of your order.

Please note that the delivery is free and that the delivery will be handled by UPS. Also note that if you are not at home on the day of delivery, you will have a notice in your mailbox and you can request or another day to receive your order.

A registered online pharmacy

The General Pharmaceutical Council, which is the equivalent of the Regional Health Agency (RHA) in Great Britain, has the role of approving or not the pharmacies present on its soil.

Treated is an official registered farmacy in United Kingdom

The Treated online pharmacy is attached to a pharmacy physically present in Britain and is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council. It is therefore licensed to sell drugs on its online site. This means that you shouldn’t be worried about its authenticity at all.

Reviews of Treated’s Customers

When you want to know more about an online pharmacy or any website, it is always best to research about it before using its services. Reading about the different opinions about the site is another great way to make sure that the website is authentic. For that, the best is to consult the site TrustPilot which supports the opinions of the Net surfers in all transparency.

Treated trustpilot reviews : scam or legit ? Read the testimonials

looking at forums online and websites, we didn’t find any particular problem reported on Treated. This shows that previous customers are satisfied with its products and the service they received from the site.

Based on this, it is without a doubt that has a very good reputation among users who have already used this site. This is reassuring for future users and further confirms the reputation of

Other things you need to know before ordering on

Aside from the website itself, how it works, and it’s reputation, there are other things you should know before ordering from this site.

Benefits using : fast delivery, secure payment and branded medicine

A great choice of medicine

By going to the online pharmacy you will see that you have access to over 108 different medications that cover the needs of more than 37 diseases. You will find medicines to treat:

  • Some infections (vaginal yeast infections, Gonorrhea, Cystitis, Herpes, Zona and many others)
  • Chronic diseases (asthma)
  • Acute diseases (insomnia, hay fever, migraine)
  • The common sickness (motion sickness, stopping smoking, weight loss …)
  • Skin (Keratosis, Rosacea)
  • Male health (baldness, impotence …)
  • Women’s health (including oral contraceptives).

For each pathology, you are generally offered several medications. You just have to make your choice by clicking on it. Among the medicines most often sold on Treated, are Champix, Viagra, Jasmine, Spedra, Vitaros, and Diane 35.

Video about Treated and doctor GMC certified and registered who approve your prescription

The choices are so vast on Treated and you will most certainly find the drug you are looking for.

A reliable online pharmacy

It is not always easy to complete a medical form online. There is always the fear that the information we give on his health is disclosed and eventually come out one day on the net via other sites. Treated guarantees you the medical confidentiality.

When you fill out the form, you will be asked about a lot of information, aside from your personal data (surname, first name, address). This is for the sole purpose of forwarding it to Treated’s authorized physician for review. This personal data will not be disclosed or sold to third parties.

A secure payment method

For the payment of your order, several choices are available to you: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro or Bank Wire. Please note that your payment details remain encrypted for optimal security. So you have no risk to pay online on the online pharmacy Treated.

Secure payment way to buy on Treated

A reliable customer service

If you have a question about the order or the delivery or if you need information about a medication, you can easily contact the customer service which responds quickly and efficiently. You can contact them by phone, e-mail or through the online chat you find on the site.

Treated customer service is available on Mondays through Fridays from 10 am to 6 pm. Based on the opinions of Internet users, the customer service is really a strong point of Treated. There is not one negative opinion on this subject.

Competitive prices

The prices on Treated are affordable and competitive in comparison to other platforms. Another great thing about this site is that the delivery costs are free, which is not the case for many online pharmacies.

Some medicines are more expensive on Treated but in the end, either you save money or you pay the same price as elsewhere, with the security guarantee and more.

Our opinion and last reviews about

If we had to summarize our impression on this online pharmacy, we would simply say that Treated is a reliable site offering a large number of drugs treating several different sicknesses at competitive prices.

Treated reviews : testimonials and consumer feedbacks

The navigation on the site is really very simple and there is no particular difficulty to find a drug. The customer service is working well and is very responsive, delivery is fast especially if you place your order before 4 pm and it is also free. The numerous reviews you can find about Treated speak for themselves. All in all, Treated is a great brand which checks all the boxes.

You can order your medicine on this site without any problem. You should not have bad surprises!